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What is "Days covered"?

This is the period when people will have to pay the price you have set for your areas if they want to buy them.

When Days covered number goes to zero, anybody can buy your areas for free.

If you decrease the prices of your areas or increase your balance the Days covered will go up.

I have funds in my MetaMask, so why "Days covered" is still zero?

Only the balance sent to the contract matters, so you have to deposit some funds into the contract.

Is there a list of all my areas?

Yes, click the Account button in top menu.

When is the tax collected?

Taxes are collected when you:

  • buy area
  • withdraw funds

Can I pay with ETH?

Transactions on Ethereum blockchain are super expensive now, so we have decided to run on Polygon, which acts as Ethereum side-chain. It is very easy to bridge your ETH to Polygon and then us Polygon Token Swap to exchange that ETH to Matic (Polygon's native token).

The Polygon bridge:

They have very good videos with instructions that will guide you through that simple process.

I bought an area, but now it is showing different owner

Anybody can buy any of your areas from you. If you want to keep the area, set some high price, but keep in mind you will have to pay taxes on that.

How can I transfer area?

Transfer is a two-way process. First the owner has to approve recipient address and then the holder of that address can claim the area.

The reason for this is to prevent malicious user from setting sky-high price on some area, transfer it to you and then trigger tax collection on your account. That would be a very easy hack to drain your balance and take over your valuable areas.

Is the area an NFT?

It is definitely non-fungible, but it differs from classic NFT, because you cannot prevent others from taking it from you if they pay you the price you have set, or you don't have funds in the contract to cover taxes.