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Getting started

If you've just found out about InfinitumX, your first visit must have looked something like this:

Understanding the page elements

Panorama View and the Grid

Default Page

This is the Panorama View. You can see the entire InfinitumX board on your screen. By moving your cursor across the image, you will notice a rectangular outline following your movement. Clicking at any point will zoom in to the image at this rectangular region and display the Grid.

For now, clicking any of the squares will only get you a message requesting to install Metamask (more on that later).

You can get anywhere on the image by scrolling the page or clicking and dragging on the Minimap on the left-hand side of the screen.

The Navbar

The Navbar (disconnected)

At the upper right corner of the page you will find the Navbar, which is your main navigation tool. If you haven't connected your wallet yet, you will see three buttons: a link to these docs, a toggle to alternate between the Panorama View and the Grid, and the Connect Button.

After you have connected your crypto wallet to InfinitumX, you will see different navigation options in the Navbar.

The Minimap

Location of the Minimap in InfinitumX

The Minimap is your main navigation tool on dekstop. It allows you to locate which region of the image you are currently viewing. You can click a region to instantly travel to it, or click and drag to smoothly glide over it.

The Minimap will automatically move to the upper end of the grid while you're checking out the bottom end of the image.

Connecting to your crypto wallet

Installing Metamask

The first thing you'll notice is that if although you're able to navigate the grid and click on the Navbar buttons, clicking on a square on the Grid or the Connect Button will open a message telling you to install Metamask. Metamask is an in-browser wallet and integration to interact with decentralized applications. To use InfinitumX, install the Metamask extension in your preferred browser by visiting the Metamask website.

After installing, follow the instructions to create an account and make sure to store your secret phrase somewhere safe.

Connecting to InfinitumX

After Metamask is installed, head over to InfinitumX and hit the Connect Button. Metamask will then open a window prompting you to connect to the site.

Connection prompt


After installing Metamask, you may need to refresh the InfinitumX page so that it detects the extension.

Once connected, a follow-up prompt will appear, requesting you to add a new network. InfinitumX runs on Polygon/MATIC, which makes transactions cheaper and faster.

Add Network prompt

A final prompt will appear, informing InfinitumX has requested Metamask to switch to the Polygon network.

Switch Network prompt

Authorize this one and you will now see all of InfinitumX's features available!